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Neal works with individuals, teams and organizations to understand strengths, performance gaps and opportunities to grow.  


Individual assessments improve awareness of individual strengths, highlight potential challenge areas, and provide another dimension of insight, solutions and approaches for better decision making and improved communication at work and at home.



hiring for fit

Psychometric assessments that reveal communication and problem-solving skills.

Role-plays that reveal candidate values, analytical skills and the performance management style that the client can expect in the workplace.

Analytical and writing exercises understand both tactical and strategic thinking.

In-depth informational interviews understand both tactical and strategic thinking.

Much of Neal’s work centers on working with executive leadership teams, helping them to build trust, prioritize candid conversations about needs, demonstrate willingness to productively work through conflict, invite feedback and focus on outcomes. Group assessments educate teams about underlying group dynamics and the themes and stylistic preferences that contribute to the current state. Group assessments bring teams together and help the leader to establish a better climate for learning, insight and commitment to professional growth.


Neal initiates a comprehensive process to assess personality, fit and alignment with the requirements of the job. This happens with understanding for the context of the work culture of the organization, the particular function and location culture as well as current leadership needs based on recent events. We do this through a series of exercises, including: 

Neal’s selection process works in tandem with existing interview and vetting processes used by the client. He works deeply with candidates to develop a comprehensive understanding of strengths, preferences, motivations, behaviors under stress, and potential areas for further development.

Neal answers the question, “What are the underlying forces that either compel this candidate to be successful or present too great a risk to the hiring organization?”



Full disclosure, I am Sara’s daughter and I’m so proud and grateful, as her right hand, to have worked on various projects with her. I love re-imagining story, developing new concepts, and working with talent to emanate their best selves for the finished product. I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College with a fine arts degree in Writing for Television, Film, and Emerging Media, and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

I have a vulnerable passion for telling stories about women’s lives and social justice. Currently, I am the Media Producer for Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit where I edit, produce, and stream powerful virtual services every Sunday morning.

I am a trained musician and love jamming out to artists like Tame Impala, H.E.R., and Frank Ocean. Thanks to my Mom, my inspired love for singing and piano started young and it never stopped. Music is a huge part of my soul, it heals, it awakens, it lights my fire.

I have a tiny (OK, HUGE) obsession for Youtube’s beauty and foodie category as well as all things self-care. I adore animals, specifically my mini goldendoodle, Ellie, a furry bundle of love. Lastly, I believe the only good fast food chain out there is Popeye's and that oat milk hot cocoa is truly the only way to go. 

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