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The success of your organization depends on the ability of committed individuals to come together and do their part to be a more effective team.  

Neal’s team building workshops build trust and communication, improve efficiency and focus on outcomes. This work builds on strengths, develop new insights and approaches to communicate, align and motivate talent.

Utilizing a variety of team assessment tools, he gathers individual information, but also analyzes and presents team reports, which illustrate the critical role each person plays in the overall team dynamic.  

Whether a small or large group, your team members will gain a better understanding of their personal assessment profile and their team’s. In exploring their own as well as other team member’s behavioral styles, both strengths and weaknesses, teams are able to better appreciate their diversity, and develop strategies to meet the demands of specific environments and challenges.

With both mid-level and senior teams, Neal facilitates one-off and ongoing processes to align, motivate and improve agility and interdependence. He addresses decision-making, role clarity, skill building and working through conflict by focusing the change conversations on real time business issues and needs. Readiness and accountability for embracing positive change goes to the heart of Neal’s work. He partners with clients to build strong trust.  

Neal works to facilitate transparency and accountability in the change process. In the end, through new protocols, candid conversations and new rules of engagement, teams feel more unified and leaders are clear on their responsibility to work out differences as a more motivated, productive and effective, team.

Workshops & Retreats


Neal’s workshops and retreats offer hands-on, highly interactive learning experiences designed to accelerate performance, accountability and business outcomes.

Neal’s approach strikes a balance between deeper reflection as individuals and new ways of working as a team. the team comes to understand bias, patterns and the payoff for developing new ways of interacting with each other. 

From individual and team effectiveness to companywide planning and strategy alignment, Neal’s customized approaches meet your business needs in relaxed settings designed to inspire deep thinking, creativity and learning.

Full disclosure, I am Sara’s daughter and I’m so proud and grateful, as her right hand, to have worked on various projects with her. I love re-imagining story, developing new concepts, and working with talent to emanate their best selves for the finished product. I am a recent graduate of Ithaca College with a fine arts degree in Writing for Television, Film, and Emerging Media, and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

I have a vulnerable passion for telling stories about women’s lives and social justice. Currently, I am the Media Producer for Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit where I edit, produce, and stream powerful virtual services every Sunday morning.

I am a trained musician and love jamming out to artists like Tame Impala, H.E.R., and Frank Ocean. Thanks to my Mom, my inspired love for singing and piano started young and it never stopped. Music is a huge part of my soul, it heals, it awakens, it lights my fire.

I have a tiny (OK, HUGE) obsession for Youtube’s beauty and foodie category as well as all things self-care. I adore animals, specifically my mini goldendoodle, Ellie, a furry bundle of love. Lastly, I believe the only good fast food chain out there is Popeye's and that oat milk hot cocoa is truly the only way to go. 

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