Leadership development includes a broad range of initiatives from assessments, one-on-one coaching and executive leadership programs designed to raise awareness, improve capability and accelerate impact.

Neal’s expertise enables him to customize a solution that marries the right level of intervention and ROI, based on the business need.


Executive Coaching provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with a skilled thought partner. Clients use this process to explore relevant areas of performance feedback, communication style or skill gaps that potentially limit career success and advancement. Neal works with leaders both individually and in group coaching settings to advance one’s career journey through professional growth linked to personal awareness, communication acumen, values, goals and career objectives. 



Awareness of problematic aspects of communication, management or collaboration with others.

choosing a coach


Owning one’s power and influence at the table to feel more effective at work.

Using available time more effectively on the most important priorities versus doing other people’s jobs.

Maximizing team performance by learning how to manage, empower and hold talent accountable for results.

Developing new tools to influence more broadly.

Developing greater sensitivity to the needs of others.

Clarifying roles and responsibilities avoids dysfunction, unproductive conflict and workaround behavior.

Greater confidence and executive presence.

Learning to delegate more consistently empowers subordinates to step-up.

Reframing perspective helps to manage mood, stress and ensure a balanced emotional mindset. 

Working on what’s missing in order to be the best possible candidate for a next level promotion.

Provides a process and structure to hold clients accountable for setting goals, initiating actions and learning from outcomes.

Can I learn from him or her?  

Do I trust this person to guide me to be more effective in my work culture?

Does this coach align with the way I like to collaborate with others?

Does this coach have the “intellect and experience” to meet me where I am and take me to the next level?

Has the coach earned the highest professional credential through many years of developing others?

Can this person actually teach me new practical skills or simply help to develop greater awareness?

What have been some of the problems that this coach has worked with?

What kinds of results has this coach achieved with other clients?

Has this coach been “in my shoes,” led teams, know the pressure and anxiety in my job or is their experience mostly theoretical? 

Is this coach easy to talk to, can I trust him/her, will it feel safe? 

Questions to reflect on as you’re thinking about working with a particular executive coach: